The Effects Of Stress On College Students Essay

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In this day and age, college student’s face with stress daily in their college life. “Stress is the body’s reaction to any demand made on it” (Isama). Stress is inevitable, however not all stress is bad for you. The two articles which focus on what causes stress for college students are: “5 Ways College Students Can Cope With Stress” by Antoinnette Isama from Hub Bub Blog and “College Students and Stress” by Cesar Banderas from UWIRE Text. There are many factors that cause stress, but how a student efficiently copes with the stress plays an important role in their college life. Isama convinces her audience proficiently of the factors that cause stress for college students through survey, statistics and personal lifestyle.
The article “5 Ways College Students Can Cope With Stress” shows the readers an appeal to logic that the effects of stress disrupts the thinking pattern and the level of stress rises, which in turn affects the student’s performance. The author uses a survey conducted by UCLA to demonstrate the effects of stress: “college students are feeling more overwhelmed and stressed than 15 years ago. More than 30 percent of all college freshman report feeling overwhelmed a great deal of the time. 38 percent of college women report feeling frequently overwhelmed” (Isama). The author increases the persuasiveness of her argument by providing statistics from a survey conducted by UCLA.
Moreover, the author describes a strong appeal to emotion by suggesting healthy ways to…

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