The Effects Of Stress And Stress On Health Care Essays

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Conflict may be simply the recognition of difference between two or more people, group or departments due to variation in attitudes, behaviours, values, beliefs or goals. In workplace, conflict and stress can be originated from two sources: staff to staff interaction and manager to staff interaction. It may be external or internal in nature and can be positive or negative. According to estimations, more than 20% of a manager 's time is devoted to conflict management (Kaitelidou et al., 2012). If conflict exists in health care settings, it can damage long-term professional and interpersonal relationships, which results in having a negative impact on patient care and stress to the health workers due to gap in communication to transfer accurate information. Stress is a natural human response to its environment. In fact, moderate levels of stress are considered essential motivations. However, high levels of stress have the capacity to greatly impact physical and emotional health. As leaders, it is our responsibility to assess and manage levels of stress and conflict in the workplace to ensure a safe and productive work environment. The main objective of this essay is to find out such solutions to minimise stress and negative interpersonal conflict among co-workers and to present strategies for the resolution of interpersonal conflict and stress in patient care setting and to improve a healthy working environment.

Johansen (2012) reports that workplace conflicts in the…

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