The Effects Of Stress And Its Sources Essay

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While reading the article Stress in Denver, published in American Psychological Association. I found it to be a bit vague in telling me details about the persons involved. It had many percent’s as well as graphs and stats. However it left out how many people were actually involved. The article showed five sections that were researched, including perception of stress, concerns, well-being, managing and barriers of stress. I was unable to find any other study on this topic to show how the statistics were found.
The perception of stress and its sources is a very small paragraph with small amounts of information. Stating that adults in Denver are less likely than their national counterparts to encounter stress. A scale of 1 to 10 was used for this area of research, in which the Denver average stress level was an average was 4.6 out of the national stress level of 5.2. This to me did not tell me how this number was calculated.
Moving on to the second study, economic concerns and stress. I found to be quite similar to the previous study. A lot of numbers and no evidence of how researchers came up with the averages. It did however have many more bulleted statistics. Which gave more knowledge of how the economy contributes to stress on the “average” adult. This area of the study showed how the average adults sleep habits as well as their health was affected. It also showed that the results were more positive vs. the other cities in the United States. 76 percent were more satisfied…

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