The Effects Of Social Media On Women Essay

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The media today has become more powerful than ever and it is difficult to find a person

in our society that does use or come across to one of the forms of mass media in their everyday

life. The acceptable body image of women has changed drastically throughout the past forty

years. Although males may experience eating disorders, they are greatly outnumbered by

females with eating-related problems. In order to fulfill society’s irrational expectations, some

people are willing to jeopardize their health to achieve this unrealistic body type. Unproportioned

diets that are capable of developing into eating disorders are an example in which individuals try

to obtain the “perfect” body. Social media stereotypes or trends brainwash women of all ages

which tends to lead to further complications such as eating disorders.

There is no single cause of body dissatisfaction or disordered eating. However, research

is increasingly clear that media contributes pressure exerted on the topic of a woman’s figure.

The effect of social media on women seems to stimulate as they transition into adults. When

children are very young, they start watching television. Television provides them with

advertisements which consists of dieting, making them susceptible to almost anything, even if it

is not believable to a mature adult. Other than television, newspapers have always been a

reputable source of information. Due to the media hounding the public with their viewpoint of

beauty at such…

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