The Effects Of Social Media On Society 's Understanding Of The Community

1060 Words Nov 17th, 2016 5 Pages
Compared to previous times when the main intermediaries used to spread information were letters or mouths, the proliferation of social media has accelerated the spread of information dramatically and has enhanced the efficiency of the society noticeably. Although the increased exposure causes a short-term backlash in the communities such as the people who are blackmailed for money, covering the topic of the people who are blackmailed for money frequently in the media and discussing the idea in everyday interactions actually can improve society’s understanding of the community more than it harms the community. However, if given too many exposures through media in everyday’s life about blackmail, people may become excessively anxious. Partly because the media chooses to stress only on the most aggressive and radical part of the event, in order to attract the public’s attentions. Since most of the people will be interested in the narrative and the dramatic parts of a incident. For example, consider the crime-reports on the court. The study found that due to the selective reporting, crime stories are not always complete and accurate facts given by the newspapers. “The media focus on the most violent, dramatic crime stories that paint a picture of crime for the community that overestimates the prevalence of crime.” The media usually omits pertinent points that judges use to determine sentences.( Barnes) In all, The media are likely to present an inaccurate and incomplete…

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