The Effects Of Social And Personal Change On The Shaping Of Personalities

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The primary research done by Yolanda Alonso and many other researchers investigated the social and personal change in the shaping of personalities. The non-western research was abstract and conclusive. The article which the research was based on was a primary research study. The piece of work is a genuine original research study that revolved around males and females between the ages of eighteen and one-hundred. The article is a primary research study because it included many trends and data pieces that both supported and opposed the hypothesis. Too add, this study also included a step by step methodology which coincides with the finding of any primary research. The candidates for the research were selection at random from areas in Breisgau, Germany. To further add, a results page was listed after the abstract details. A primary research study includes all of the features listed above, meaning that it could not have been a secondary study at all. The purpose of this primary research project conducted by Yolanda was to see the correlation between personal and social values. The findings during the beginning stages of the research were to ask the participants several questions to pin point whether their stance was mainly towards social or personal. There were 255 participants who included 153 women and 102 men and they were placed into three different groups; the Young People group which ranged from ages 18-30; the second group was the Adult group which ranged from ages…

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