The Effects Of Skating Parks On Children And Develop Friendships

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Skateboarding has been a commonplace feature of the urban environment for over 40 years, and a part of American culture since the 1950s. It’s so popular with youth that today there is no city on the planet that doesn’t have it’s own skateboarding group of kids. Our local skateboarders are not part of a fringe group of kids who are into something unique and uncommon (“30 reasons”). Skateboarding is the most fun thing to do when you have free time; it is a exciting and thrilling sport. This paper will go over why skate parks are beneficial to communities and will support this with pieces of evidence. Skate parks provide a place for kids or teens to express themselves. Skate parks provide a place for local youth socialize and develop friendships ( Skate parks are a place for all skate to have fun and enjoy themselves. The social benefits in a Skate park are also grate so people can get along well. The safety benefits in the skate park are adequate. About over 90% of deaths involving skateboarding in the U.S. occur outside of skate parks. Most of these tragedies also involve a motor vehicle. Skate parks, even the more challenging ones, are far safer than kids rolling through busy streets(What do people ). Skate parks provide the safety of skate parks. This is a good reason of going to skate parks because most people think it is dangerous. Skateboarding is a unique activity because it combines extreme…

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