The Effects Of Shooting At University And College Campuses On Enrollment

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The Effects of Shooting at University and College Campuses on Enrollment Enrolling in an institution can be a very exciting thing for a prospecting student, and it is good for the school as well. The amount of enrollment affects the outlook of the school as a whole. If the institution does not reach a certain limit of enrollment then the money they receive to perform the school is diminished; this also limits the amount of money colleges and universities can give out to the students. Reputation is everything for any school, and without positive academically progressed students the school will not thrive. Good academics as well as positive activities persuade the student to attend the institution. If the student does not feel safe at school then that feeling will drive a student away from even his/ her most desired school. It is the school’s obligation to make sure every student feels safe even in the most tragic events. The aftermath of a shooting on college and university campuses can affect the enrollment based on location, extra expenses, and frequent occurrences. More shootings have been occurring at universities and colleges. According to “School Violence,” shootings are most commonly committed by either a student who goes to the school or by an intruder from off campus who has a connection to someone within a particular school (Duplechain and Morris). United States’ Department of Education states that it is against the law to carry a firearm on any school premises.…

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