The Effects Of Sexual Abuse On Women Essays

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Violence on women can be seen in several other forms, there is violence in forms; of sexual abuse, domestic abuse, and verbal abuse. In “Femicide and Drugs Wars,” this article illustrates the injustice and harsh violence that is being caused to innocent women in Chihuahua, Mexico. However, in the “Femicide and Drugs Wars” it has a stronger focus on the affects and causes of sexual abuse on women. A similarity I saw to this topic of violence towards women was in Chapter 26, “The Report from the Bahamas” by June Jordan. In this article, it discusses about inequalities within gender, class, and race. Although, in pages 274-276, when she returns to her job she discusses an incident of a student being a victim of domestic abuse. While both articles from the Ms. Readings and textbook readings were distinct, they both discussed the issues with violence towards women. “Femicide and War Drugs,” opens up the article by describing a violent crime on a women. The state that a couple were on the border of Mexico, when soldiers came to the car and order the boyfriend to leave and return two hours later. Within those two hours, the soldiers raped the young woman, due to the violation to her body the woman later killed herself. Although, this injustice was never heard in the news family members and activist were furious towards this issue. “The vast majority of killings emerge from a situation of domestic violence, and general impunity”. This means that majority of these…

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