Essay about The Effects Of Rap Music On The Society

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Driving down the road or walking on the sidewalk, one might hear someone blasting their rap music, full of vulgar language and profanity, from their car. One might conclude the driver and their passengers are up to no good, or they are bad people. Instead of rushing to judgement, it is important to recognize the impact age, race and gender has on one’s opinion of music and one’s opinion of the people listening to or writing certain types of music. Rap music is primarily believed to be enjoyed by the African American culture. It is also understood the use of swear words and profanity are commonly used in rap music lyrics. Without a clear understanding of the African American culture, those outside of the culture could possibly misunderstand the messages conveyed in the lyrics. The language used in the lyrics creates a barrier to understanding instead of being a vehicle for understanding. Misunderstanding the purpose or message in the lyrics leads to many of the stereotypes known today. Recognizing these stereotypes can provide an opportunity to think differently about rap music and provide new understanding toward rap music’s mainstream audience of today. Merriam Webster defines stereotype as “to believe unfairly that all people or things with a particular characteristic are the same.” Believing a person is bad or “up to no good” because they are listening to rap music or to music with swear words and profanity at a high volume is a stereotype. As is assuming only or all…

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