The Effects Of Racism On Children 's Mental Health Essay

1293 Words May 29th, 2016 null Page
Racism presents itself in many forms and it results in oppression. Racism also will have damaging effects in colored people’s mental health. Mental health counselors, social workers, and psychologist rely on individual interventions to help this problem; while, individual interventions are okay this problem needs to have an effect immediately on a bigger scale. That bigger scale is still working with the individuals on the individual level; however, work on interventions on a larger scale. According to Buhin, & Vera, (2009), p. 44 “the goal of social justice is full and equal participation of all groups in a society that is mutually shaped to meet their needs.” One might ask what counselors can do to help and make sure this is met. First thing that mental health professionals can do is always do a self-examination. Self-examination is important for counselors as they learn about their biases and stereotypes. Everyone knowingly or unknowingly have these biases and stereotypes, so when counselors are aware of them they will be able to work on them and resolve them. Mental health professionals needs to learn to share power with the individuals that are being oppressed. According to Goodman, Liang, Helms, Latta, and Sparks, & Weintraub, (2004), p. 801 “when translating the notion of shared power into the social justice-oriented community work”. Mental health professional need to remember that they are giving the individuals that are being oppressed a voice and they…

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