Depression Among African Americans And The Black Community

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The subject I decided to write about is depression among African Americans and how it has become a huge concern yet it is still stigmatized in the black community. Mental health is not restricted to one particular race, ethnicity, socio-economic background but cultural background and historical history can cause depression to be expressed and deal with differently especially among both black males and females. Depression is vastly misunderstood in the black community and often confused as emotional angst. Education about depression and destigmatizing mental health issues will go a long way to lessen the fears and stigma that surround it. To be able to understand depression better the three factors I will focus on in this paper is culture, education, and economic elements that have left most African Americans undertreated for depression in the nation. Depression is a difficult diagnosis to talk about in the Black community, because the cause of depression does not show up on the body like diabetes, blood pressure or heart attack, it deteriorates the mind slowly. Some of the symptoms of depression include memory loss; uncontrollable rage, desolation, despair, long-term sadness, and these thoughts may go unnoticed. The reason it’s ignored, because black men and women masks their issues, especially mental health due to the societal pressures placed on both genders. “Black men, due to patriarchal ideas of manhood and fearful of being seen as emotional, feel prohibited

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