The Effects Of Political Polarization

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76 percent of the American public believes that the Republican and the Democrat parties do not have the capacity to mend the country’s problems because of political polarization (Hayden). In layman’s terms, political polarization is the division of political parties based on extreme ideologies. Political polarization has been a hot topic in light of the ongoing political campaigns. Nonetheless, this is not news because the major American political parties have always been polarized over the course of history with issues ranging from civil rights to the Gold Standard. In fact, defining political conflicts have been the main function of political parties. However, American politics is more polarized than ever since the Civil War (Lee). Instead of being polarized on one policy at a time, our political parties have made it a mission to be distinct on most issues nowadays. This becomes a huge problem because the lack of …show more content…
There are two aspects to political polarization that should be discussed in order to understand why it exists and how to solve it. These aspects refer to the effects of polarization on electorates and the Congress. Both are very important because the electorates decide who will be in power while the Congress decide on legislative actions. In light of recent events, the political polarization that stemmed from conflict extensions affects the public’s ability to formulate opinions and the Congress’ aptitude to pass legislations.
Above all, there are two very important aspects about political polarization. The first one is how it has affected the public’s views when it comes to choosing positions and forming opinions. The second aspect is how it hinders the government from passing legislative actions and policies. To digress, political competitiveness

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