Outdoor Air Pollution: Acute Lower Respiratory Illness

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Air pollution is the primary reason of why many adults and children suffer from several respiratory illnesses. The outdoor air pollution is not only man-made but nature has a role in it. Millions of people die or are diagnosed with diseases that could be acute or chronic. There are ways to save lives with simple steps that could be impactful. It could be complicated because of all the political and economic value tied into it, but there is always a way to make change possible.

Outdoor Air Pollution
Air pollution is a combination of natural cases and man- made causes. People now are breathing more toxic air than even before due to all the gases coming from industries and cars. The air people breathe in affects their health, yet many do not know how poor the air quality is. In fact, air pollution contributes significantly to premature death cases around the world (West et al., 2016). There are a lot of people getting lower respiratory infections and people
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For adults, they are in the risk of developing acute lower respiratory illness, lung cancer, difficulty in breathing, heart problems, and increase the risk of heart attack. The effects are fatal to some people and to others it may cause serious illnesses. The change will not come all at once because for it to be effective it should start gradually. Not everybody is going to change their behavior to achieve lower AQI. Any change is going to leave an impact whether it is small or big. If a coalition if formed where a community beings to take public transportation to work instead of using their cars it would help the cause. The state could contribute by offering discounts to people who use the public transportation and leave their cars. Some politicians would disagree with the idea of offering free public transportation, but that does not mean that there is not another

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