The Effects Of Migration On The Australian Society Essay

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As years pass and we come to a more recent period in Australia’s history, racism had slowly decreased after the stolen generation, but still upheld in the Australian society. Migration, a controversial topic in the Australian media, literature and politics with thousands upon thousands of immigrants fleeing whether from a war torn country or a place they faced an uneasy upbringing to Australia. Thus prompting the opinions among the Australian Society of what makes an individual truly ‘Australian’. Migration can be described as a time when people move to another country whether for economic benefit, work, money, or moving away from war. Migration is usually confined with poorer countries, due to poor living conditions and/or war stricken areas. Migration to Australia follows second in the word after the USA. But usually the people who migrate to Australia although are provided with a better life are faced with countless racial attacks. These racial Attacks usually come from white Australians who consider themselves ‘true Aussies’ although they are considered immigrants too, and the attacks are usually directed to immigrants whether for their skin colour, religion or culture. It is an unfortunate reality that discrimination founded on race and ethnicity is a normative experience for new immigrants and this can have countless effects on them. Research consistently finds that discrimination upon immigrant s is associated with poorer mental and physical health…

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