The Effects Of Medicine On Society And The Medical And Legal Community

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This documentary had some memorable things in it. It followed the stories of several men with mental illnesses and their transition from prison life to society. For many of them, they get stuck in a cycle due to their mental illness. What was particularly memorable to me was how quickly their improvements were dropped when they didn’t take their medicine. Medicine can be a significant factor between success and recidivism. I also found it memorable that some genuinely wanted to get better and tried their best to take steps to do that. The documentary itself was meaningful because I realized just how severe this cycle can be and how society and the medical and legal community can take steps to try to stop it. Another reason why this whole documentary was meaningful to me is because I have a cousin with a mental illness who is in jail.
I had a couple of questions after watching the video. My first question is, why are group homes so uncommon and unavailable to individuals with mental illnesses? As I researched why, I came across a few articles about this. They suggest that it is not considered important to make group homes available for the mentally ill. National Public Radio (NPR) suggests that group homes are not as common because of many factors. Deinstitutionalization was part of the reason that we ended up with this problem. While mental illness is considered a medical illness, many do not want to consider that mentally ill individuals need constant supervision…

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