The Effects Of Media Violence On Young Children Essay

1326 Words May 11th, 2015 null Page
Violent media is a concern for many parents of younger children and has been for many years. Violent video games, violent movies and so forth are becoming quite symbolic and what are seemingly appealing to younger generations as a way to establish power and or authority. Despite of the growing notion that media violence is promoting violent behavior, there is not any conclusive evidence that shows a relationship binding violent young adults and media violence. Some believe that media violence is technological frustration. Many believe the amount of media violence young children watch or consume to be hazardous; however, others believe that media violence is mere art and a way for young children to be unsheltered, and or knowledgeable about the world they are living in today.

It comes as a surprise to see people supporting negative media while others have continuously spoken badly about it. This source has its flaws but can be consider as a learning tool that fosters growth and creativity .The media violence has been a way to express what changes are taking place in our era; the art expression and through this promoting technology and what it can do. Many people will argue that media violence is an expression of art, a way to illustrate technological advancement, and possibly a way to divert our children safely away from living too sheltered of a life. How do you blame the media for our children’s behavior if the parents are not being held accountable? The violent…

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