Essay The Effects Of Media Violence On Children

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Media Violence does not Create Violence on Children
Media violence does not create violence in children; there are other more important factors that influence violence in children. Media violence is only one risk factor for aggression. The link between media violence and crime is weak after other environmental factors are taken into account role. The above sentences are the main claims that state violence in children is not created mainly by the media. This topic is controversial and this paper will explain that violence in children happens because of overstimulation in violent communities.
Media violence is not the biggest factor in aggression in children and it can be easily controlled (Gentile). The study of media violence began in the 1970s. The effect of media violence is caused by misunderstanding (Gentile), underestimation (Zimmerman and Pogarsky), and overconfidence. Some children watch violence, but it does not affect them. This is because media violence is not real life violence, such as may happen at home, in neighborhoods and other places. Parents have a major role in creating the future of their children, and avoiding all violence, media and real life, will contribute to their success (Willis, Pearce, Phalen, Keet and Singer). Scientists have been researching media violence, but they have not gotten conclusive evidence to show media violence creates violence in children (Gentile).
Media violence is only one risk factor for aggression. Other risk factors include…

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