Essay on The Effects Of Media On Children 's Unhealthy Habits

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“Television can be a powerful teacher” ("Impact of media use on children and youth", 2003). There are numerous amounts of ads aired on television and radios per day. Each ad is geared toward a certain age group and it achieves the task of influencing its audience, some times in a positively, other times negatively. Children often view ads that were not intended for an audience of their age and this can impact their lives greatly. Advertising to children has a negative effect on them because it promotes unhealthy habits, influences behavioral issues, and distorts self-perception of body image. Advertising to children can promote unhealthy habits. According to Kyla Rose RN, an average of 32 hours a week is spend watching television by children ages 2 through 5 (Rose, 2010). Within that time frame, there are a plethora of ads that a child could be exposed to and influenced by. Many of these ads are commercials that display fast food, chips, cookies, sugary cereals or even adult products, like alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. Rose states, “Advertisers target kids, and on average, children see tens of thousands of TV commercials each year. This includes many ads for unhealthy snack foods and drinks. Children and youth see, on average, about 2,000 beer and wine ads on TV each year” (Rose, 2010). A survey conducted by the Canadian Paediatric Society states, “Commercials for healthy food make up only 4% of the food advertisements shown during children’s viewing time” ("Impact…

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