The Effects Of Media And Reality Tv Shows On Young Children And Adolescent

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In “From Here to Paternity” by Bryan Curtis we were introduced to the behind scenes with Maury as the show entered its 16th season and several other reality TV shows like the Springer show, Steve Wilkos and Trisha Goddard (Bryan).In "Leaving Reality" by John Jeremiah Sullivan, we saw what it’s like being in a reality TV from The Real World/Road Rules Challenge, and the influence it had on high school and undergraduate girls who became a fan of the reality show; and the sexual exposure it brought to them (John)."The Pageant King of Alabama" by Jeff Chu, introduced us to Bill Alverson, who coaches teenage girls who are aspiring beauty queens how to win. He specializes in preparing contestant for the interview segment (Jeff).One question can be drawn in all 3 articles: What effect does the media and reality TV shows has on young children and adolescent.
The transition from childhood to adulthood is known as adolescence. Intensive biological growth and sexual, psychosocial and emotional maturation occurs during this period. They want to identify themselves, to experiment and to try out certain behaviors, because of curiosity and in this period of their lives. Smoking and drinking is considered by vast majority of adolescents as a reflection of maturity. Among adolescent, the common most risky behavior is substance abuse use: illicit drug use, smoking cigarettes, and alcohol consumption (Rakić, 473). Individuals, during this time, begin to consider which sexual behaviors are…

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