The Effects Of Low Life Expectancy On Health And Smoking Essay

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The Oxford Dictionary (n.d.) defines life expectancy as the average period that a person is expected to live. It varies from country to country, depending on many factors like healthcare, sanitation, food, genetics, and environment. As of 2014, the country with the highest life expectancy is Monaco at 89.57 years; the country with the lowest life expectancy is Chad at just 49.44 years and in the United Kingdom it is 80.42 years (Life Expectancy for Countries, 2014). Life expectancy in developing countries is significantly lower than that of developed countries, for example, in the United States of America it is 79.56 years where as in Lesotho it is 52.65 (ibid). Physical causes are not the only reasons for low life expectancy; there are psychological causes as well. Both are dangerous in different ways. The two main causes are: Bad Mental Health and Smoking. This essay will discuss how these affect the population and suggest solutions to help bring about a change.
One of the growing causes of low life expectancy is Mental Health, as it has never been given the same health priority as smoking and is not considered to be as important. A study published in the World Psychiatry Journal (2014), investigates previous research on chances of death due to a wide range of problems like mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, dementia, autistic spectrum disorders, learning disability and childhood behavioural disorders. It examined 20 papers looking at 1.7 million people and over…

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