The Effects Of Low Birth Weight On Mothers Essay

1811 Words Jul 12th, 2016 null Page
When conducting various tests on low birth weights I found low birth weight to be defined as a baby born weighing less than 5.5 pounds. After running various queries and tests on the data of file of women with low birth weights, I have found that many of the women of other ethnicity suffer from having babies with low birth weights. Although Caucasian women are not too far behind in having babies with low birth weight. Astonishing that, Black women were at a significantly lower percentage of women who resulted in low birth weight babies. Furthermore, black women are generally associated with having low-birth weight babies due to several medical risk factors as well as everyday risk factors. It is evident that our sample of women were associated with risks such as smoking during pregnancy, premature birth, history of hypertension, uterine irritability, and lack of proper prenatal care and Dr. Visits during the first trimester.
Additionally, there are many other factors that can be attributed to the women and possibly why they have babies with low birth weights. More importantly, determining if some of the environmental factors such as smoking, drug abuse and misuse, and alcohol also contribute to low birth weight and underdeveloped babies. More so, eating foods that contain a lot of salt and seasonings contribute to hypertension which is harmful to the mother and the baby. In addition, much of the reasoning behind the women having babies underweight is due to lack of…

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