Essay on The Effects Of Life And Its Effect On Society

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Life has meaning

Was our life a meaningful one? As people lay on their deathbed, this question will come to mind and potently consume them. They want to know if their actions had an impact to the world, if their life had value. That what they did helped others in some way or if their time here was a waste of a soul. No matter what people 's final good vs. bad list comes to, their life was meaningful because it had an impact. All life is meaningful no matter what you have done.

All life has some form of impact in relations to others. It could be from the simple hello to becoming the Pope. If this impact was taken out of the equation of life, then results would have ended up differently than with the impact in. If you did not work in a job, then that work may have not have happened or been completed. These impact have effects far reach past just the first order effects. Thus life is meaningful because of the impact is has on events past first order effects.

Susan wolf states in her piece "Meaning of Life" that a meaningful life must be one of "active engagement in projects of worth" (Wolf 458). Her focus on projects of worth is going to be the first focus to show a possible objection to the meaning of life. She states that projects of worth have a commitment value to it and that most jobs will not fall into this category. Many jobs are just worked to pay the bills and survive in life. People are not truly committed to these jobs and because of the lack of commitment it…

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