Essay The Effects Of Global Warming On Climate Change

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Global warming is the term we use for the gradual increase in the average temperature at the Earth’s surface that has occurred over the past century or so. There are a number of factors that cause global warming, for example climate change, melting glaciers and rising sea levels are all consequences of global warming. Climate change can occur over a number of years, so if there is a large increase in the number of hot summers, this is most likely a sign of climate change. If a pattern keeps occurring it may start to impact on other places in the world. The scientific concepts that are related to global warming are that the increase of global temperature have cause a number of other changes around the world. For example the loss of wildlife habitats, stronger hurricanes and melting glaciers. There are three factors that are related to one another, the Earth’s land, water and air. These factors are the cause of the change in climate. Meaning that if the weather in one place had a major effect, it could spread to other regions. For example, if the temperature of the air rises, the oceans will absorb the hotter air from the atmosphere and will increase the temperature of the water. The warmer the temperature of the oceans, the stronger the storms will become.
Across Australia, data has been recorded to allow scientists to conduct understanding of how the effects of climate change, will have an impact on the country’s distinctive and diverse natural resources.…

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