Essay on The Effects Of Gender Stereotypes On Women

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“We all use stereotypes, all the time, without knowing it. We have met the enemy of equality, and the enemy is us.” (Paul, 1998) Through the evolution of society, culture and norms, women have become a major target towards gender stereotypes in negative ways. Creating a body image advertised by media through models to show women how they should look; feminist theory showing how gender stereotypes have influenced gender differences, gender inequality, gender oppression; and gender expectations of women in society, cultures and families. On the other hand, gender stereotypes have increasingly affected gender expectations towards women which put women in a very negative and oppressed state of mind. An evaluation of the three arguments will demonstrate the negative effects of gender stereotypes on women.

To start off, media creates a negative fantasy world for women, stating a unattainable beauty through makeup, models and body size is what should be present in the world, and anything worse should be shamed. A daily part of women’s lives is to look in the mirror and to criticize specific parts of their body. This odd need to criticize and change parts of the body has raised much concern and awareness in the scientific community. In turn, this has resulted in research on the subject, which has shown there that women 's dissatisfaction with their bodies is directly related to mass media.Social media also plays a role with body images and expectations. Magazines, Twitter,…

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