Argumentative Essay On Fossil Fuel

Fossil fuels are the U.S.’s primary source of energy, but as a result, carbon dioxide levels and pollution levels have drastically increased, endangering our lives. 85% of America’s energy is used by fossil fuels, and many of these fuels are pollutants. Carbon monoxide is one of the more popular pollutants given off by these fossil fuels. It is deadly to our body when levels are high. The burning of fossil fuels are too harmful to the environment and ourselves, therefore the use of a more environmentally friendly energy such as solar, wind, or electricity would be a far better substitute.
Fossil fuels are a large danger to our planet because of the harmful chemicals it burns off into the atmosphere. While carbon dioxide seems like a gas that
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Since most ingredients used in fossil fuels are not unlimited, there will come a time when a new type of energy needs to become established. Many new sources of energy are already becoming apparent and used to power homes or cars, but they are not being used as much as they should be. One of which is the use of solar energy. The Sun is one of, if not, the most powerful star in our galaxy, and it can easily be used as a renewable energy source. While the Sun may set at night time, it won’t matter all that much if powering homes because most people are asleep during the night anyways, but during the day and afternoon, it will provide plenty of energy for a large majority of the day. Not only could solar energy be used for electrical purposes, but for heat as well, seeing that the Sun is what keeps our planet from basically becoming a giant ball of ice (Solar Energy). This type of energy would be completely harmless as it wouldn’t release toxic chemicals into the air. Solar energy would be extremely useful in the western parts of the U.S, because of the strong sunlight throughout the day. While certain areas would not benefit from solar energy as much as others, there are still other methods of renewable energy that can be used (Solar Energy). Another source of renewable energy includes wind energy. Wind energy can be seen not very far from Illinois, with the giant windmills that stretch across farmland. While this energy source would be a bit harder to receive energy from, as not every single day of the year is going to have winds, but this method would be extremely environmentally friendly. states that, “Wind energy could provide 20% of America 's electricity (or about the amount nuclear power provides) with turbines installed on less than 1% of its land area. And within that area, less than 5% of the land

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