The Effects Of Fast Foods On Unhealthy Foods Essay

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When going to a fast food restaurant it is common for costumers to choose a burger over a delicious salad. That being because they usually have the same calorie count at large chains, so why would someone not want to pick the more filling and appealing choice? Not only are the higher in fat foods more tempting, they tend to be relatively cheaper. The proliferation of fast foods can be stopped by regulating advertisement to consumers and rising tax prices on unhealthy foods.
Sugar and other added ingredients are slowly taking over the human population. Humans are overlooking the fact that they are missing out on the nutrition they need and are instead filing the void with products that are destroying their health. The history of sugar dates back to the beginning of time when the product was nothing more than sugar cane. In the article, Sugar Love, Rich Cohen states, “People picked cane and ate it raw, chewing a stem until the taste hit their tongue like a starburst”(Cohen). Sugar has always been the hottest product on the market, starting back in A.D 500 when the obsession with sugar was just beginning. It was the product of trade and everyone was doing whatever he or she could to get sugar in his or her possession. Cohen mentions that, “In school they call it the age of exploration…”(Cohen 2), which was sending sugar seekers to great distances to take advantage of the product. Over the course of time things have never changed. Sugar still remains the most controlling product…

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