How Does Fast Food Affect Obesity Rate?

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A study was done on pregnant women to see how fast food effects their obesity rate. Pregnant women have been shown to gain at least 20 kilos during pregnancy due to consumption of fast food that is located .10 miles away(Do Fast Food Restaurants Contribute to Obesity?). This proves that when a fast food location is closer people are more likely to stop there, because it is convenient. When they continuously stop there, they over consume, and gain weight. This is probable, because of the pregnant woman 's cravings, lack of self control, and the convenience fast food offers. Over 1 million women are effected by obesity during pregnancy, and this is due to the consumption of fast food, and how close they are to it.

Americans who frequently
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Like mentioned before Americans are eating fast food so often, and are also eating more than they should. On average most people should eat about 1,500-1,800 calories a day, but when eating fast food people can easily consume 1,000 calories in one meal. Weight gain occurs when one eats more calories than their body can burn. So when eating over the caloric recommendation obesity is the result. "Out of home meals have 55% more calories than most in home meals"(Mandal). Fast food contains empty or unhealthy calories, so when eating them weight gain is the outcome. Portions of food are almost double what they were in the late 1900 's and early 2000 's, and this is leading to obesity. These large portions lead people to eat more than they should, especially when they are not even hungry. They are stacking up unnecessary calories, because of the addictive taste of fast food, and it is packing on the …show more content…
Unlike fresh home cooked meals, fast food restaurants use taste enhancers, and artificial additives, which create a false sense of freshness. Excitotoxins, including a salt added in fast food called Ajinamoto, are substances that stimulate the cells in the brain, and eventually kill them off. The dead cells cause abnormalities in the body, like obesity.A recent study has confirmed that, "the main reason for childhood obesity in the United States is the early exposure of children to Excitotoxin rich food items." (Obesity). These toxins added to fast food for taste are killing brain cells, and causing obesity, sleep deprivation, and lack of energy. By adding harmful ingredients to food people are allowing themselves to be effected by these toxins. By cutting fast food out of ones diet, obesity and other harmful effects can be eliminated. But sometimes emotions take the best of people and they cannot resist eating fast

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