The Effects Of Family Structures On The Behavior Of Youth Essay

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with delinquent crimes. Researchers examine the diversity of family structures and their characteristics to demonstrate its impact on the behavior of youth. The interactions and dynamics of parents and family structure can incite a child or adolescent to gravitate towards a delinquent lifestyle. Families are constructed differently to address certain issues, control improper behavior, and to respect the rights of others. Oppositely, some families may teach and establish aggressive and antisocial behaviors which can be pressed onto others. Parents are constantly being blamed and held accountable for the actions of their children. It is evident that there is a significant relationship between family factors and delinquency, but should the parent be at fault? How can a parent be blamed for the actions of their children?
The upbringing of children is based upon the supervision and attention provided by parents. Upbringing refers to the instructions given by parents to offspring during their childhood. Children and young teens are not born into a life of juvenile delinquency, but are provoked by external influences. Many individuals believe that “children who engage in delinquency and trouble is primarily due to the product of poor parenting and that both parent and child should be held accountable” (Hillian & Reitsma, 2003). Parents should not be distressed and accused of wrong childrearing, but are commonly held responsible for the actions of children and adolescents.…

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