Essay On The Effect Of Exercise On Cognitive Fitness

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Title: The Effects of Exercise and Diet on Cognitive Function

Abstract: The overall objective of the experiment was to observe the overall effect exercise and a healthy balanced diet on cognitive function after a period of two months and compare the results obtained for a person who did not regularly exercise and eat healthy meals. Physical activity commenced for 45 minutes, four days a week over a period of two months. Pulse rate and glucose levels were taken to record blood sugar levels before and after exercise activities. Balanced meals were consumed three times per day. The diet was based upon the WHO nutritional guidelines for a healthy diet. The budget for the experiment was set as $475.00.

Hypothesis: Exercise and diet have
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It is recommended that individuals eat often so the body will absorb nutrients more efficiently, drink lots of water because adequate hydration is important to the functioning of all body systems, including the brain. It is recommended to drink approximately thirty-six to sixty-four ounces of water daily (Green.2008).

1. To determine the relationship between cognitive function and exercise/physical activity.
2. To demonstrate that physical activity improves memory and overall cognitive ability of individuals.
3. To determine if elevated heart rate/pulse, blood pressure and blood sugar improves circulation to the brain and to establish a link between all three and with cognitive ability.
4. To understand the importance of physical activity.
5. To observe the effects exercise has on an individual’s heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar.
6. To determine the link between intelligence gained through cognitive testing and the amount of exercise a person performs.
7. To compare and contrast the difference in cognitive ability of a person who exercise or perform physical activities in contrast to a person who

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