Essay about The Effects Of Ethnicity On The Latino Population

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The dynamics of ethnicity are changing dramatically in America. The Latino population is rapidly growing, Asian populations are slowly climbing once more and Whites are dropping toward a minority position. Anytime there is such a steep change in the numbers of several ethnic groups, the potential for tension is equally great. The result is an atmosphere of intimidation, which is made worse by prototypes of transmigration. First, the total count of migrants has climbed. There are 37.9 million foreign-born immigrants in America, which clearly indicates the upsurge of other minorities. Second, the percentage of foreign-born population compared to the total number of natives is growing at a fast rate. A third criterion to consider is that these groups of new-comers are choosing to reside in more cities than in the past. Even though the majority of Americans come from a lineage of immigrants, new arrivals are not welcome by the more established citizens. More than half of Americans, up from one third in 1965, are now clamoring for a reduction in immigration. This is in great part due to the shift in population from mostly Anglo-Saxon to mostly Latin American, Caribbean and Asian. This shift of the racial distribution of American culture over the next 50 years will augment the Latino, Asian and African American sub-population. The Latino group will be composed by Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Central and South Americans, and Spanish-speaking Caribbean Islanders. The Asian…

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