The Effects Of Energy Drinks On Our Lives Essay

1031 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 null Page
Since it would not cause pandemics or epidemics, major medias are not typically talk about this issue a lot. However, it caught my attention several times. The story I’m about to introduce is negative effects of energy drinks. Since a big part of our lifestyle changes due to increasing competition and higher pressure for success, many people looking hard for quick and easy ways to maintain their energy level these days so it becomes more and more popular. Now, it might be important to know if energy drinks really have any benefits to us as well as what degree in consumption of energy drinks should need extra health warning, and possibly a ban on children and teenagers to drink them? At the end of the day, everyone has to take responsibility for their own actions, but how much do we know about energy drinks? The story was published on18th of January 2016 by A 18 year old girl named Dion Parratt shared her experience about drinking energy drinks, and tells what happens when drinking energy drinks at least 5 times a day since her childhood. One of the images in the article shows she is wearing a heart monitor and wires. She has low blood pressure and her pulse falls down, causing her to pass out. She also claims she was diagnosed after drinks triggered two miscarriages. There are also a several images of her Facebook posts that urging people to aware how energy drinks can affect human health based on her own experience, and telling lawmakers to ban them all.…

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