Essay on The Effects Of Emotional Trauma On Memory Loss

1032 Words Oct 22nd, 2015 null Page
Speculate as to why emotional trauma can result in memory loss. Include in your speculation your ideas regarding each of the major aspects of trauma discussed in class, including emotional overwhelm, stress, repressed memory, intrusive thoughts and the impact of emotion on the memory process.

We all experience stress or trauma at some times in our lives and our minds process this in a certain way. When something frightening, shocking, sad or dangerous happens to us, our bodies and minds process the experience by having a reaction. Some people have the sensation of complete shock and are unable to understand what is occurring. Our muscles may tense or some people faint. Along with our bodies having a strong reaction to trauma, our minds are affected as well. Memory loss can be a symptom of severe trauma and is a serious way that the human mind reacts to severe stress that can include emotional overwhelm, repressed memory and intrusive thoughts.
Emotional overwhelm is a main part of trauma and stressful situations. When anyone experiences trauma, emotional overwhelm is felt, which is pretty much what it sounds like, the overwhelming of emotions. During a traumatic situation, feelings can take over someone’s mind and body to a point where the only thing a person can do is let the emotion wash over them and lose control of their other bodily functions. People have a tendency of freezing up during trauma, such as losing their muscle control or not being able to speak. Just…

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