Essay on The Effects Of Emotional Abuse On Children

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Emotional abuse can be described as any behavior used to control another human being using fear, humiliation, and verbal assault. Because abuse wears away at one’s self-confidence, dignity, and trust in one’s own perceptions, a victim of this abuse may experience brain trauma, such as anxiety, chronic depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Studies show that there are underlying factors that precede cases of emotional abuse, i.e. many characteristics can influence an attacker to begin abusing. Similarly, particular effects occur is different people, especially depending on the age of the victim. Though emotional abuse is thought to simply affect ones feelings, it can lead to many psychological and physiological diseases and disorders.

Many risk factors are recognized in correlation to particularly abused individuals. According to one such study, demographics and maternity status are correlated with emotional (or verbal) abuse. The correlational study developed from a survey, researched 727 women who were ages 14 to 26 in the state of Texas; each participant had a current partner and was neither pregnant nor mentally impaired. 43% and 73% of people reported being abused verbally and physically (Lane 2003). The researchers used regression analysis to determine which demographic and reproductive characteristics were strongly correlated to verbal abuse. After performing a chi-squared analysis, which resulted in an R-value of 0.7 (indicating a strong correlation),…

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