The Effects Of Education On Affirmative Action Essay

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The Effects of Education with Affirmative Action Affirmative action is a policy that helps minorities by taking steps in stopping discrimination. In addition, it is also a means to create new opportunities for minorities such as education. In the Hunger of Memory Richard Rodriguez writes about affirmative action and how it gave him an advantage with education over the non-minority students. Rodriguez is a minority whose parents emigrated from Mexico. In the terms of education, Rodriguez’s stands against affirmative action despite the advantages it gave him. In the same way, affirmative action does have its setbacks as well as advantages. Whereas, affeirmitive action makes it too easy for minority students to enter ivy league collegies and then they drop out in the end because they are not prepaird. Affirmative action is unfair since it favors the minority and it makes it harder for non-minority to receive a higher educaiton.
One reason to be against affirmative action is that it sways the college admission in favor of the minority. Before affirmative action, college admission was based around students who are academicail qualified. Furthermore, slots were available to any student that wanted admission to a private Ivy League college. In addition, those student’s that are applying would have to compete with other students academically to claim their spot. According to Robert Barnes in "Justices to Hear Affirmative-Action Admissions Case" Washington Post, “Abigail Fisher [a…

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