The Effects Of E Cigarettes On The Human Body Essay

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The Effects of E-Cigarettes on the Human Body
In America today, as organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Lung Association (ALA) crackdown on the cigarette industry, not much attention has been given to the blooming electronic cigarette industry. People perceive electronic cigarettes to be a safe alternative to smoking a regular tobacco cigarette, but little do they know, there are more chemicals in the e-cigarette than in a tobacco cigarette.

Vaping is dangerous to the person who vapes because nicotine is still present, and there are no standards issued by the FDA that checks for quality control. In a 2014 study of the what is in the vapor produced by electronic cigarettes, Hahn et al. (2014) discovered that “the vaporization percentage of the [electronic cigarette] has an important influence on the exposure” (Hahn et al., 2014). The chemicals in the e-cigarettes have different boiling points, per se, so the temperature at which the chemicals turn to vapor vary by the e-cig. As a result, there is a lack of consistency when it comes to how much of a chemical such as glycol or nicotine are inhaled per puff of a vape or e-cigarette. In Dr. Igor Burstyn’s (2014) study of the health risks associated with smoking electronic cigarettes, he found that a “lack of quality control standards means that [the lack of risks associated with smoking e-cigarettes] cannot be assured for all products on the market” (Burstyn 2014). Since…

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