Essay on The Effects Of Dyslexia On Children With Dyslexia

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What is dyslexia?
Children with dyslexia have difficulty deciphering, reading, and understanding reading information; these in turn cause them to have difficulty with reading and writing tasks. (Cordón, 2005; Sternberg, 2009).
Dyslexia is a learning disability (LD). It is characterized by a considerable difference between an individual’s general intelligence and his/her language skills, typically affecting academically performance, (Slap, 2001).
A common myth is that children with dyslexia reverse letters and numbers or see them backwards. However, these reversals are common in all children and are a normal process of non-dyslexic children development as well, (Cordón, 2005).

US Stats
One out of five people have a type of learning disability (LD).
At school, one third of the total of all disable population have LD.
LD affects more males than females.
Currently, about one million students receive special education due to LD, (NICHCY, 2011).
What causes dyslexia?
It is widely acknowledge that dyslexia is caused by neurological problems with a possible genetic cause, and it evidently runs in families, (Cordón, 2005).
Children with dyslexia may also have ADHD; although that this is not always the case, (Slap, 2001).
The brain of a person with LD works in a different way than those without LD, (Semrud-Clikeman, 2005)
LDs varies from person to person, (NICHCY, 2011; Smith, 2002).
Types of dyslexia:
• Developmental dyslexia: is the most known. It is characterized by…

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