Essay on The Effects Of Drought And Management

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The Effects of Drought and Management
If a drought lasted long enough and strong enough, there is a possibility that any life on earth will fail to exist. Drought has caused noticeable damaged on the earth, but how dangerous is drought really? If drought causes more damage, these questions came to mind, how does drought really affect plants and water? How does the effectiveness that drought has on plants and water affect people and animals? Are there programs or organization that helps when a severe drought occurs? Who can we reach out to? Is there even any way to predict if a dangerous drought is going to transpire? Is Drought even manageable? Can man manage through a hazardous drought? Discussing the effects of drought and mentioning the history of drought is the first step. Talking about how cities are taking steps to help manage during or after a drought will also be included. Listing programs and organizations that help with damaged caused by a drought and the future of drought will be informed. Being educated on the effect and management of drought can be very helpful.
Discussion of Collected Data
There is no way that we can stop the course of a drought. We cannot change the damage it does to what lives on the earth. With the technology, we have now we can see future droughts that may be in the process, but how can we prevent the lack of water and food? How can we protect ourselves, families, pets and our land from the danger of a drought? The question…

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