The Effects Of Drinking Age On The United States Essay

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Eighteen is considered adulthood, yet, at this age one is still not treated as such. When one turns eighteen, they become a legal adult, and receive their rights, except the right to consume alcohol legally. The drinking age in the United States is currently set at twenty-one. But, some people believe that twenty-one is too high for the minimum age and, think it should be lower. There are others who feel that twenty-one is a decent, mature age, and lowering it would encourage young to take part in alcohol consumption. At eighteen one can vote, join the service, get married, buy tobacco, work in a bar, and do many other things. The drinking age should be lowered back to eighteen because: if eighteen year olds are capable of voting and fighting for their country, they should be able to have a drink, also, lowering the age would help with less college students getting in trouble for the consumption of alcohol. This certain subject of the legal drinking age has extracted huge debate over a number of years causing the legal age to rise and drop numerous times. Things in the 70’s were different; “After congress dropped the voting age from 21 to 18 many states followed suit by lowering decades-old barriers to drinking. The rationale went something like this: If young Americans could be entrusted to vote, serve on a jury and fight in Vietnam, why couldn’t they order a beer”(Griggs). The drinking age was first made to be twenty-one in the year of 1984. The drinking age was…

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