Essay The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Family Violence

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Domestic Violence is defined as aggressive behavior used to establish power and control, enlisting tactics of intimidation, fear and physical threat or action. There are seven identified models of family violence that researchers have categorized as being possible causal components in family violence; the Psychiatric, Ecological, Sociological, Social Psychological, Patriarchy, Social control/exchange and Information-processing approach. Within these models are factors that can exasperate the conditions and make a family more prone to exhibit or experience violence. The models are the overall theories of why family violence happens and the factors contribute the probability of violent actions happening. Factors include; poverty, unemployment, financial, children, isolation, inability to handle stress and substance abuse. These factors along with the theories enhance a family to be at risk for violent behavior. Out of the seven models researcher have validated some to be more definitive as causes and some lack enough data to validate. All of the models could be probable cause for violent behavior, however research has outlined the most common occurrences
(Bigner, & Gerhardt., 2014)
Understanding the Patriarch Model of family violence
One of the theories is the Patriarch model, this model suggests that the family violence is male perpetrated to maintain a male dominated position within the family. Women and children would be considered below the male in hierarchy and the males…

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