The Effects Of Divorce Rates On Children Essay

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According to Marriage and Divorce Statistics (MDS), “The current divorce rate and annulments in a year is: 877,000.” This proves that almost 4% of this specific population is divorced. Forty households out of 1000 are affected. If any of these households have children, they are at an even greater risk for a change in their life style. Additionally, one may not know that 41% of couples in their first marriage end in divorce. Then, 60% of couples in a second marriage end in divorce, and 73% of couples in their third marriage end in divorce. Imagine the children that are negatively impacted in these situations. Divorce rates are constantly increasing as is the number of children who are being affected. As a result of divorced parents, children are affected mentally, physically, and developmentally. When children have divorced parents, the kids neglect others and even themselves. This means some children suffer through depression, stress, or both. Many children suffer from depression due to the fact that many boys feel as if they have lost their father figure in the family. When boys feel like they have lost their father figure in the family, they feel as if they have no one to talk to (EDOC). As a result, boys feel miserable. Another trigger of depression is that the majority of the children think they are the reason their parents are getting divorced (“Emery on Divorce”). The children wonder “am i the cause of the fighting or the money issues” (“Emery

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