The Effects Of Divorce On The United States Essay

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The effects of divorce on children in the United States
Marriage is a relationship between man and woman and this relationship is built on a legal, sociological and psychological basis. Also, marriage is a known relation for having children and gives them all what they need for their lives. Indeed, marriage provides the elements of a child 's life that come from an interlinked and successful family (Barlow & Durband, 2008). In a study continued for 10 years, 14,000 adults said marriage is a major source of their happiness. Whether people in marriage are happy or not, they achieve a good degree of well-being. Also, self-esteem and satisfaction in life are an effects of marriage in people 's lives. In addition, married people have good health and good financial sources, and in turn they are happier than single people (Barlow & Durband, 2008, p. 5). All people, when they decide to get married, have their perspective about what they will get out of this marriage. Therefore, when people cannot achieve their perspective from their marriage, they may think about separation. Although the parents have the right to get divorced, they have to think about the negative effects on their children 's lives. Divorce affects negatively the status of psychological, sociological and economical of the children 's lives.
Divorce affects children in many psychological aspects, so parents should try to save their marriage instead of getting divorce. Depending on a children 's age, the effects of…

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