The Effects Of Cyberbullying On Teenagers And Adolescents Essay

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In a study conducted by scientists and analysts, 61% of overweight adolescents had received mean or embarrassing posts online. (Anderson, Bresnahan, and Musatics). Cyberbullying is damage given to somebody that is taken place through electronic technology. It includes harassing emails, rumors posted on social media, and even threatening messages. Cyberbullying has become a problem in recent years because there are more advances in technology and social media use. One targeted group of cyberbullying includes teenagers and adolescents. Due to this, social media and cyberbullying have a negative influence on teenagers because it decreases their self-worth.

Admittedly, there are legitimate ways for social media to actually increase self-esteem in teenagers. Teenagers may feel better when they see comments about what they post. This can help them feel like other people care about their interests, which opens doors for relationships to strengthen and for them to openly feel better about themselves: “self-esteem--boosted by “likes” or positive comments by close friends” (Nowell). Comments also give attention to the poster or tweeter, therefore adding assurance for the teenager. Additionally, social media reflects a positive and clearer view of teenagers’ emotions. By this, they will have more positive thoughts about themselves: “The computer helps stimulate your mind, she said. It gives you a better outlook on life” (Devaney). Their point of view also may help teens plan…

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