The Effects Of Concussions On The National Football Essay

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Injuries have always been a part of sports; it is the risk athletes take. Injuries are just a part of life that athletes have to deal with. Especially with the increasing size and speed of the players (Carroll and Rosner 42). By playing, they acknowledge they could break bones or tear ligaments. But many do not know that their brain could be severely damaged. Over the past decade, head injuries have become the biggest problems facing sports, especially the National Football League (NFL).
Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) which is caused by concussions plague many athletes because of on-field injuries. American football is the main focus of the current concussion problems in sports. Research has shown that playing football often causes serious medical consequences. Ignorance is no longer an option. Players and fans must be educated on the issues facing their sport. Although it previously denied the connection, the NFL must steps to prevent more harm to their athletes. Concussions will never be eliminated but the NFL must understand the problem of concussions and what they did wrong in the past to both prevent concussions and care for their players.
The problem is often not getting a concussion but rather not letting the brain heal properly. Coaches know that if a player breaks a bone, the player must sit out until the injury is healed. Because head trauma symptoms are often not visible or not admitted, it is difficult to give a timetable of recovery. If the athlete…

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