The Effects Of Concussions On Sports Injuries Essay

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Concussions have always been a known risk when playing contact sports. Until recently they were not seen as a big deal. If you got knocked around a little too hard one play you were given some water, sat out a couple of plays, but as long as you were still conscious you were able to continue playing. It is our sheer ignorance of concussions that has allowed the effects long and short term to go unrecognized. With new studies showing the effects a concussion can have on the brain long and short-term, it is not worth the health risk to allow your kids to play the game of football.
Over time concussions have become more and more common among sports related injuries. Last season the NFL reported 271 game related concussions. In a 16 week season that would mean about 17 concussions per week were reported. In a report done by the CDC shows that there are 3.8 million head injuries reported annually, of that 5-10% are actually diagnosed with concussions. These numbers are staggering and it shows that the childhood games that we loved and played for many years may in fact be more dangerous than ever before.
For those that may not know exactly what a concussion is, it is defined as: temporary loss of consciousness caused by a blow to the head that unnaturally shifts the brain. We have all seen a play during football game when a player takes an unnecessary shot to the head and the player lays there almost lifeless for a couple seconds, but is able to be helped up and walk off…

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