The Effects Of Computer Mediated Communication On The Development And Quality Of Personal Relationships

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The populations constant usage of computer-mediated communication might effect the development and quality of personal relationships do to an abandonment of face-to-face communication.
Computer-Mediated Communication Simply put, computer-mediated communication (CMC) is a process of computers mediating interactions between individuals. Communicating through technology allows individuals to have a level of control in what gets communicated. An aspect of CMC that can seem scary to many is the accessibility individuals have to shear information such as their thoughts and feels, but also be able to hide themselves behind a computer. Figure _ is a popular 1993 cartoon done by Peter Steiner that reads,“On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog” (Peter Steiner 1993). In Steiner’s cartoon the dogs can communicate with others online while lying about the fact that they are dogs. In 1993, when CMC was not as popular as it is today, Steiner cartoon was probably seen as a joke, but today there is a fear among many that technology is taking over communication among humans and may eventual become the dominate form of communication. In order to understand if the fear of a computer “take over” is justified one must understand what CMC is and is not before looking at the pros and cons.
Communication is a process by which individuals stimulate meaning in the minds of others using verbal and non-verbal messages (McCroskey & Richmond 1996). Communication does not happen only once, but is…

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