Essay on The Effects Of Climate Change On Our Health

1512 Words Nov 26th, 2016 7 Pages
As great as it is to walk outside in the middle of November in the mid-west and be welcomed by 70 degree and sunny weather, we should be questioning this because it is obviously obscure. There have been many studies to prove that temperatures across the world have been increase slowly which is leading to drastic changes; the artic is melting causing the ocean levels to rise, some wildlife species are dying off, droughts are occurring which causes wildfires, and the list goes on. One of the main contributors to climate change is due to human impact. What we don’t realize, or simply disregard, is that it is affecting our health, as well. The increase in the average global temperature is not a “hot topic” scientists are discussing; climate change (aka: “global warming”) has piqued the interest of scientist across the world for decades and has played a significant role in our politics, such as implementing policies and procedures to help protect the planet and wildlife. Scientist have been researching not only why climate change is occurring, but also how humans can reduce the impact we implement; research has also been conducted to see how climate change is affecting human health and what can be done to resolve the detrimental consequences. Global climate change affects our surrounding ecosystem as well as our own health. It has led to droughts in many of the states, wildfires, and an increase in air pollution, all of which directly and indirectly affect humans. A study…

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