The Effects Of Climate Change On Health Essay

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In conclusion, climate change impacts greatly on weather and human existence, the patterns of extreme atmospheric activities varies from place to place from region to regions.
The impact of climate change on health includes the spread and reemergence of infectious diseases made possible by agents that spread infection like vectors e.g mosquito or pathogens, and disease transmission.
The climate change phenomenon may have influenced the development, survival, reproduction, and virulent nature of some of the disease pathogens, disturbed hosts migratory pattern like rats, and their interaction with man because of the unpredictable nature of some extreme weather their health impacts will still remain a problem.
Humans must play an active role in ensuring that strategy are in place to mitigate climate effect by adopting interventional policies like adaptation approach the impact of the effect of climate change may be able to be controlled and alleviate the negative health impacts of climate change.
Early warning systems based are some of the ways to augment the other options of dealing with climate change such system have been proven to be effective in helping countries make policies to prevent the possible health impacts.
Climate change will continue to affect the health risk for human infectious diseases, limiting some disease transmission however encouraging the spread of some others.
The identification of most effective adaptation measure calls for scientific and social…

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