Essay about The Effects Of Child Labor On Children

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Look at the back of your shirt, chances are it was made in India, by a child labor. Child labor has been an ongoing dilemma for centuries, due to India’s poverty rate. Child labor won’t stop anytime soon unless India’s government cracks down on the issue. The effects of child labor includes a minimized childhood, physical, mental, emotional, and social well being. In order to fix this problem India needs to create and better enforce child laws that makes attending school mandatory by limiting the amount of time a kid can work during the week, and create laws that benefit the labors.
Children working in factories face many effects. The kids face effects like mental, physical, emotional, and social effects. The physical effects of working in factories is the life expectancy of their lives’ could be reduced. Metal effects of child labor is that kids chose to go to work rather that go to school and receive an education. Also while doing an experiment researchers found that kids working in factories compared to schoolkids, factory workers were found to suffer from social depression more than the schoolkids. While the kids mature they’re unable to mature emotionally which affects how they’ll deal with emotional events in their life. The locations where the labors work may have something to do with how kids health evolves.
The health of the kids has a lot to do with the factories, where the kids work in. The kids work in either factories, or in agricultural fields. The…

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