Stop Slavery Persuasive Speech

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Even now as students write there is still slavery accuring all around our world including America. Everyone in our world is a part of slavery, even if you don't think you are, we are supporting this by the clothes ,and the technology we use everyday ; so I ask you this how could we stop this occurring in our country? Even though it's a big part of trading with other countries ,and other main brand companies. We also have not only adults working as slaves ,but children being used for in working in fields ,and abused by being forced or brainwashed to help or using their bodies to ship either drugs ,or they are being used for prostitution. Fewer than two hundred forty six million children are working as child labor ,and about seventy three million are less than 10 years old. Children are also a big part of modern day slavery, they would be used for trafficking, which is happening right now in Vietnam for blood cashews , and in Malaysia for its oil pawn industries only making three dollars a month …show more content…
In china they have a law that said no one under the age of sixteen can work but they can only under circumstances mostly if your family has no money they children can work. they make special schools for them to learn how to work in the fields, but most schools abuse this and make them do more they can handle. In an article called
‘child labor china” discussed that principles from the schools will make kids work in a private toy factory for fourteen hours a day with very minimum food for the children. Motorola is another big company who enforces slavery with people working underground with congo's democratic republic getting minerals for most phones . Its also the same with Hershey's getting there coco from Africa being shipped to factories

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